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Pool table lights

April 12, 2020


August 28, 2017


August 28, 2017


July 27, 2017


About the author


I'm  Robert Morris

I am graphical designer by trade and do contract and freelance work for several large companies. This gives me the flexibility to work from my home and I spend the majority of my free time working on projects around my house. Ultimately, I want to start buying real estate that I can improve and either rent/sell.

Robert Morris

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“I spent so much time going through Amazon and my local home improvement store trying to find the best lights when I was doing my landscaping renovation and ended up returning many of the things I bought after realizing they would not work or what I wanted to do. Then I found which saved me so much time and helped me complete my project.”


“I am planning a complete remodel in my home and big part of it is replacing all the lighting fixtures and my wife already has several ideas and after finding I have been able to (so far) stay under budget and get the fixtures we want.”