Commercial Lighting


Commercial lighting has many similarities to residential/home use lighting but typically is more basic and designed to light larger areas more efficiently. Sometimes if can make sense to use a commercial lighting fixture in your home as well if you are trying to light a large area and looking for a more basic design. The majority of commercial lighting is moving to LED based over other types due to its longer life and lower power consumption. Here you can easily find our commercial light reviews and pick the one that is best of you and your budget.

Types of Commercial Lights:

Recessed Troffer Lights

Similar to recessed lighting in homes these lights are installed in the ceiling and direct light downward. They also typically have very low heat emission which helps keep cooling costs down.

Track Lighting

Again similar to track lighting in homes these lights can be adjusted individually on the track to direct light where it is needed.

Task Lights

These lights are typically mounted on a steel frame and can be moved as need to provide light for construction workers or electricians.

Outdoor Commercial Lights

Almost all outdoor commercial lights are LED and not incandescent due to the longer life and lower power consumption

- Shoebox Lights

These are your typical street lights which are mounted on a pole and direct light downward

- Wall Pack Lights

These lights are installed on the side of a building and help illuminate the sides of the building or parking area

- Outdoor Flood Lights

Similar to home flood lights they are used in stadiums and large buildings to light a large area without having to have multiple light fixtures

Warehouse Lighting

- Lay-in Lighting

Similar to florescent lighting these fixtures are more efficient and are installed along the ceilings supports.