About Us


Welcome to AllAboutHomeLights.com, we are Robert and Stephen and we created to this site to help you save time and money finding the best home lights for your DYI projects, home improvements, and commercial applications. Amazingly changing a few fixtures inside and outside your home can not only improve the look but also increase the value making it a quick and easy way to enhance your home and add value without much work.

You may be thinking that getting the right lights for you home is as simple as going to your local home improvement store or Amazon and quickly picking the ones you like. Once you do though you will realize that there are thousands of different types, styles, and prices making the choice difficult without spending hours sifting through reviews and technical specs. Just going to Amazon and searching for home lights gives you over 100,000 results.

Robert Morris

Who is Robert?

A graphic designer by trade I have always been focused on detail and aesthetics not only in my work but also in my home. While I moved a lot during the early years of my career from city to city and apartment to apartment, I always wanted to make my home my own when I purchased one. Fast forward a few years and having settled in the Midwest doing contract and freelance work I acquired my first home. Being a first home (short sale purchase) as you can imagine there was a lot of room for improvement both inside and outside the home. This lead to lots of renovation and home improvements projects many of which consisted of replacing light fixtures, both indoors and out in additional landscape lighting. As I worked through this process, I spent countless hours trying to find the best fixtures at the best prices. After finally finishing my improvements (are they really ever finished) I realized that there much be many other people who are going through the same thing and this is where the idea for allabouthomelights.com was born, as I always like staying busy.

Stephen Hogan

Who is Stephen?

As a construction manager I oversee both commercial and residential projects for my own company when I am not spending time with my family. I didn’t attend college and got involved in construction right out of high school and over the years learned many facets of the trade. I eventually got tired of working for other people and started my own company. As you can imagine with a family and home, I always have a least as few DIY projects (known as honey do lists) that I am working on. With time being limited I have always tried to find the quickest and best way to complete projects. With my knowledge of construction and always looking for the most cost efficient way to complete a project I joined up with Robert at allabouthomelights.com to help with the technical aspects and to try and keep him under budget for his projects, which is easier said that done.

So how did we meet?

We both live in the same development, not quite neighbors but close enough. Our area is up and coming but most of the homes are older and need improvements and remodeling. During one of our neighborhood block party’s we struck up a conversation and Rob told me about all the lighting projects he has completed both inside and outside his house and the ones he was planning on starting. I started asking him how he did all the installations, electrical work, and how he was choosing his fixtures. This led to a long conversation and ultimately, we not only because friends but decided to start allabouthomelights.com to help others.