Best Bathroom Vanity Lighting – Our Top Suggestions and Things to Look For


Bathroom lighting is important for a number of reasons. Think of everything you do in your bathroom, other than using the toilet. The bathroom is often where important medications are taken, where applying makeup happens and where we complete our daily washing, shaving & grooming routines.

The bathroom is the first place you visit in the morning and a place many people often visit throughout the night. Both instances require certain lighting—too bright a light and your eyes will hurt, too dim & you won’t be able to see what you’re doing.

Today we’ll be shedding some light on bathroom lighting and vanities & how to pick the right light type for your needs. We’ll also be introducing you to 10 of the very best of these lights the market has to offer.

What is Vanity Lighting?

In a nutshell, vanity lighting is loosely defined as a light-producing fixture installed above or alongside a mirror that sits atop a bathroom sink. In bathrooms, no other lighting is as ideal as vanity lighting is as this lighting type is as pretty as it is practical.

This type of lighting provides the perfect combination of ambient lighting and task lighting, which is why they’re undoubtedly best for bathrooms.

Best Vanity Lights for Bathrooms you can buy in 2022:

1. Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

If you want your bathroom to embody the style of old Hollywood glam, this Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit will do just that. Styled in a traditional vanity manner, each of these 10 lights will take your makeup game to the next level.

These lights emit 4,000K daylight white light and each bulb produces 210 lumens. The wiring is adjustable so you can place your lights as close together or far apart as you like. The lights are switch operated and you can choose your own brightness with the dimmable feature.

Installing these lights couldn’t be any easier. All you need to do is peel the adhesive sticker off the bottom of the bulb and stick it onto your mirror. The bulbs weigh a collective 1.1lbs and each bulb is 2”. They are AC powered and need 12V & use 12W.

Everyone loves how easy to install these bulbs are and adore the finish. In fact, some customers buy them purely for decoration! But on the downside, a few unlucky customers have battled with the adhesiveness of the bottom sticker. But after you’ve overcome this it’s an excellent product to use! It’s also covered by a 6-month warranty.


  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Dimmable


  • Adhesive properties diminish after time
  • Overall longevity is questionable

2. LPhumex Led Vanity Mirror Lights

Do you love Hollywood glam, but with a more modern feel? Then you’ll love these LED Vanity Mirror Lights by LPhumex. This modern take on Hollywood glam is achieved through a strip of 60 LED lights. These lights are wonderful for everyday use but they’re also ideal for recording makeup tutorials.

More than 1,200 lumens are produced by these bulbs and a stark 6,000K color temperature is provided. This bathroom lighting system is operated by a smart touch dimmer switch and can be installed in any way you’d like thanks to its cuttable wires.

These lights are very easy to install. Simply remove the adhesive backing from the strips and cut the wires to achieve your desired spacing. Once you’ve got them into their perfect position, press down. They weigh only 9.6oz so you don’t need to worry about them weighing your mirror down. They need 12V and consume 24W to operate.

A handful of customers have found the light emitted to be too bright but remember that they’re dimmable so you’re in total control of the brightness. Other than that, users of this product are completely thrilled with the results and love its IP65 waterproof rating. These lights are covered by a 12-month warranty.


  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Waterproof
  • Dimmable


  • Too bright for some people
  • Overall longevity is questionable

3. Design House 520312 Kimball, Vanity Light

Are you a fan of the industrial design aesthetic? Then it’s all but guaranteed that you’ll be a fan of the Design House 520312 Kimball, Vanity Light. This stunning fixture holds three 60W bulbs and ensures even distribution of light—all while looking fabulous!

This fixture is crafted from high-quality steel and metal & is water-resistant as well as ETL & cETL listed. It takes three compact fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. With the 520312 Kimball, you can choose between a stunning galvanized steel finish or a charming coffee bronze finish.

The Design House 520312 Kimball, Vanity Light comes with all the necessary installation hardware. But if you aren’t handy with wire strippers, circuit finders and multimeters you may want to call in a professional electrician as they’re AC powered. They’ll need 120V to operate and will consume 60W.

Customers absolutely love this product and its ability to completely transform a bathroom. However, the fact that it doesn’t come with bulbs is a dealbreaker for some and an annoyance for others. It comes with an impressive 10-year warranty.


  • 10-year warranty
  • Inexpensive
  • ETL and cETL certified


  • Bulbs not included
  • Requires a professional electrician to install

4. Bennington Lakeland 4-Bulb Bath Vanity Light Fixture Bar

If you’ve been looking for the perfect finishing touch for your transitional bathroom, look no further than the Bennington Lakeland 4-Bulb Bath Vanity Light Fixture Bar. This gorgeous 4-bulb fixture is perfect for complementing a room, regardless of its aesthetic, and setting the atmosphere.

It has three finish options: nickel, chrome or bronze. The fixture requires four 100W Type A light bulbs to operate. This means you can choose to have LED, halogen, CFL or incandescent bulbs and have the color rendering you desire. The glass and metal build make this fixture weigh in at 2.2lbs.

Bennington Lakeland 4-Bulb Bath Vanity Light Fixture Bar calls for professional installation as it needs to be electrically hardwired. The necessary mounting hardware is included and you have all rights reserved to decide whether you’d like these lights to face up or down.

Those who have purchased these fixtures praise them for their durability, solid build and for the variety of color & mounting options provided. It’s an annoyance that the bulbs are sold separately but many users actually appreciate this as they’re free to choose whichever bulbs they’d like. We love that the fixture has a lifetime warranty.


  • Multiple finishes available
  • Lightweight
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Bulbs not included
  • Calls for professional installation

5. PRESDE Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures Over Mirror

Is your bathroom your safe haven? Add a touch of luxurious elegance with the help of the PRESDE Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures Over Mirror. This beautiful 9.9lbs crystal-inspired fixture holds five lights and is truly terrific for longer vanity mirrors.

These fixtures are made from high-quality materials and are waterproof & rust-proof. The lampshades are adjustable so you can point them in whichever direction you choose. It requires five LED or Tungsten G9 bulbs to operate, with each bulb having a maximum of 60W. They’re also compatible with dimmers, but you’ll need to purchase the dimmer switch and relevant bulbs separately.

All the hardware screws you need to install this fixture come standard with your purchase and most people find the corded-electric installation process to be a breeze. It requires 110 – 120V to operate. However, if you aren’t comfortable installing them yourself then let a professional handle the installation for you.

Its owners love this fixture for its elegant finish and superior stainless steel & glass construction. This fixture is only suitable for downlighting which many would-be customers find displeasing. It is covered by a 5-year warranty.


  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof


  • Bulb and dimmer switch not included
  • Only suitable for downlighting

6. Design House 500892 4 Light Vanity Light

Another Design House vanity lighting fixture has found its way onto our list of the best of the best, this time it’s the 500892 4 Light Vanity Light. This four-bulb fixture is synonymous with sleek, stylish and sophisticated. Some class it as rustic and simplistic while others call it modern meets Hollywood.

Made from high-quality steel, its longevity isn’t questionable. You’re also spoilt for choice when it comes to finishes, simply pick from polished chrome, satin nickel, polished brass or rustic honey oak. It requires four 60W medium base bulbs or the LED equivalent of these. It’s UL approved and listed for usage in damp areas, so you can use this fixture with confidence.

The Design House 500892 4 Light Vanity Light calls for a typical corded-electric installation. All the necessary hardware is included with the fixture. DIYers should be able to tackle this installation with ease. It calls for 120V and 60W.

What do Design House customers have to say about this fantastic fixture? The majority adore it and sing its praises for its versatile design options and the high level of craftsmanship that went into creating these formed steel lighting fixtures. The only complaints around this product are related to its delivery and packaging. Sealing the deal is its decade-long warranty.


  • Multiple finishes available
  • 10-year warranty
  • UL approved and listed


  • Bulbs not included
  • Inferior packaging

7. SOLFART Modern 4 Lights LED Vanity Lights

If your design style is all about clean lines, straight edges and sharp shapes then these SOLFART Modern 4 Lights LED Vanity Lights may just be your design-dream come true. These four frosted-acrylic shade LED lights are housed in a square and stylish stainless steel body.

These futuristic lights provide 2,560 lumens of 6,000K natural light—which is the preferred color temperature for most people. These fixtures can be installed to face either up or down, whichever you’d prefer. Not only is a load of light produced, but this also looks incredible too and has a modern futuristic feel.

Absolutely everything you need to successfully install these corded-electric lights is included and all that’s required from you is to connect the reserved wire to your junction box directly. You could also enlist the services of your local handyman or professional electrician if you’d prefer. It will need 110V to run and will consume 32W.

All across the board, users love this product. They especially appreciate it for its stunning design, energy and power-saving properties & the bright white light it produces. In fact, the only issue for an isolated group of users is that the light produced is too bright. It is covered by a 3-year warranty so this is a long-term investment.


  • 50,000-hour lifespan
  • IP44 waterproof and dustproof
  • ETL, UL, CE, ROHS, and QCQ certified


  • Too bright for some people

8. YHTlaeh Bathroom Vanity Light

Is your goal for your bathroom lighting more about creating ambiance, atmosphere, and mood as opposed to creating lighting for tasks? If so, the YHTlaeh Bathroom Vanity Light will help you achieve this goal with aplomb.

1,300 lumens of 4,000K soft natural light are provided by the YHTlaeh Bathroom Vanity Light. It features a modern square design and has a beautiful brushed nickel base with frosted white acrylic. In addition to casting a stunning soft glow, these lights are 80+ CRI which means its color rendition is like none other. It can also be mounted facing up or down depending on your personal preference.

This single corded-electric light can be difficult to install, but the end result will be well worth it. It will need 110V and consumes around 14W. It weighs only 2.6lbs and has dimensions of 24” x 4.3” x 4.3” so you should be able to install them wherever you’d like.

Users of the YHTlaeh Bathroom Vanity Light are quick to point out that installation can be challenging but that the finished product outshines all the negatives. This modern stainless steel and acrylic light has an 18-month warranty.


  • 30,000-hour lifespan
  • Waterproof


  • Difficult to install

9. Globe Electric Parker Vanity Light

Do you love vintage, antique and traditional interior design elements? Then make space in your heart for Globe Electric’s Parker Vanity Light. This fixture will allow for a trio of bulbs to flood your bathroom with the light you desire.

The Globe Electric Parker Vanity Light requires three 60W S60 bulbs. This fixture comes in three finishes being oil-rubbed bronze, chrome or antique brass so you’re bound to find a finish that perfectly matches your bathroom. It’s completely dimmable, just remember to purchase the dimmer switch separately.

All the required hardware is included so you can expect a quick and easy installation. However, if you’re not keen to try your hand at electrical hardwiring, consider calling in a professional. It requires 120V to operate, weighs 5.07lbs and measures in at 7.92” x 24.63” x 11”.

In terms of style and finish options, users couldn’t be happier. However many have noted that the overall construction of this metal fixture is not the best and feels flimsy. A 12-month warranty protects your purchase.


  • Fully dimmable
  • Multiple finishes available


  • Bulbs not included
  • Dimmer switch not included
  • Flimsy design

10. Mirrea 48in Modern LED Vanity Light

Are you searching for one light that has the power of eight separate lights? Then end your quest, because that’s exactly what the Mirrea 48in Modern LED Vanity Light offers. This linear vanity light is perfect for vanities that are long, wide or narrow in design.

This light produces 3,680 lumens of 3,000K warm white light so if you want to turn your bathroom into a space of rest and relaxation, the Mirrea 48in Modern LED Vanity Light is your best bet. This light features an instant-on capability. It’s also totally adjustable and you have all rights reserved to point it up or down as you please.

Installing the Mirrea 48in Modern LED Vanity Light is as easy as can be. Its switch requires a typical wall mount installation while the unit itself requires an AC power source and 100 to 120V. It’s made from stainless steel, acrylic, and glass and looks modern, contemporary & linear.

Users of these lights just adore the ease of installation that comes with it. The main complaint from Mirrea 48in Modern LED Vanity Light users is that the glass cover is extremely delicate and can break easily. You can purchase this with confidence knowing it is covered by a 2-year warranty.


  • IP44 rated
  • Inexpensive
  • UL listed and approved


  • The glass cover is extremely delicate

Your Guide to Buying the Best Bathroom Vanity Lights

Now that we’ve introduced you to the very best vanity lights on the market, you need to know how to go about picking the right one for your needs. Here’s what you need to know.


There are many different types of vanity lights for bathrooms. The most common types are:

  • Wall sconces 
  • Bath bar lights
  • Mirror lights
  • Pendant lighting
  • LED strip lighting
  • Track lights

Light Output

The light output of your vanity light is incredibly important. Do you need enough light to clearly view every pore? Or do you want just enough light to guide you around your bathroom at nighttime? Aim for a light that produces 800 to upwards of 2,000 lumens depending on your needs.


Wattage is important to consider as this gives you an idea of how much illumination will be provided. Vanity lighting calls for between 10 to 25 watts’ worth of illumination per bulb while task lighting calls for upwards of 75 watts.


The temperature you need depends on what you want from the light. Are you going to be using it as task lighting to apply makeup or conduct your grooming, shaving, tweezing and plucking? Or are you looking more to create mood, atmosphere, ambiance, and tone? Let this be your guiding factor and opt for a color temperature between 2,700K to 3,500K depending on your needs.


The finish is also important. After all, we want our lighting to fit in with the rest of our bathroom. Polished nickel and chrome finishes are incredibly popular as are brass, bronze & stainless steel. Let your personal preference and current design scheme guide you.


For side lighting, the ideal width for vanity lighting is at least 28 inches apart from one another, so make sure the lighting you have your eye on can adhere to this guideline. For lights above the mirror, the width should be roughly 1/3 of the mirror’s total width.


Consider the different mounting options and pick the one that will be most suitable & ideal for your needs. Do you want your lights to be mounted flush against the wall, just below the ceiling? Or do you want your lights to grace both sides of your mirror? Or do you want your lighting to be mounted on the mirror itself?


Should vanity lights face up or down?

Truthfully, vanity lighting fixtures can face either up or down. But when used as task lighting it’s always better to opt for a downlight as these provide you with more concentrated light sources. Additionally, it’s easier to change the bulb on a down-facing light.

How high should vanity lights be?

The recommended guideline is for vanity light fixtures to be positioned 75 to 80 inches from the floor.

Should vanity lights hang over the mirror?

No, these lights should never overhang a mirror as this results in downlighting which will cast shadows over the face.

Final Words

Now that you know everything there is to know about using vanity lighting in your bathroom, picking the right type and style for your needs should be as easy as switching on a light!

Which of these lights will make for the best lighting for your bathroom? Let us know in the comments section down below.