Best Pool Table Lights – Buying Guide


If you’re looking for a light fixture for your billiard table then you have come to the right place. We are going to go over a few things that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a pool table light fixture. After all, you spent a couple of thousands of dollars buying and installing your new pool table, shouldn't you complete it with a cool looking pool table light? Besides the actual illuminating purpose, you also get something that is going to add that nice touch to your gaming room and make the time spent playing pool is even more enjoyable.

Finding a Billiard Table Light

If you are thinking that your regular ceiling light will do the trick, you are wrong. The billiard lights are designed to spread even light across the billiard table so you can clearly see the balls and reduce glare. Think of it this way, your ceiling light needs to light the room, and your pool table light is designed to illuminate the pool table only. Most well designed pool table lights will have 3 shades that are spread out 20" to 22" from center light bulb to the other 2 end bulbs. This design will eliminate the shadows that can hurt your game. Be sure to select the lights that can accommodate at least 60W bulbs. As a rule, brighter is better, just don't blind yourself by not properly installing the light.

Finding the right size

There isn't a strict guidance for billiard light fixtures, because there are not that many pool tables of different sizes out there. Usually people get 7ft - 8ft pool tables for their homes and a 50"- 60" billiard light will do just fine. Check out our comparison page to get a quick overview of pool table light height and length information sheet.

Pool Table Light Styles

Just like custom rims can make your car pop, a unique pool table light can add a nice touch to your gaming room. Spend some time finding light that matches your style and room design. There are some really great choices nowadays, from vintage pool table lights, to modern pool table lights, Tiffany style billiard lights and even Budweiser pool table lights.

For the most popular billiard light styles, we have created dedicated pages on our website that will help you quickly navigate to a particular stye.

Should you get a professional to install a pool light fixture?

The simple answer is yes! Most billiard lights are hard-wired in to your ceiling, so unless you are 100% certain of your abilities as an electrician, call a local professional to install it. If the electrician isn't familiar installing pool table lights, specify the height since that is a very important factor. Hang it too low, and you will be hitting the shades with your cue or your head. Hang it  too high, the direct light from the bulbs will blind you. 

As a general rule, the light should be installed 60" to 63" from the floor. Why the difference in height? The bottom of the billiard fixture should be on the same level as players nose. Fo more information about pool table light installation, visit this page.

Don't forget that the light must be centered with the table.

Should you get a single shade or Multi Shade Billiard light?

That's entirely up to you. Most importantly, pay attention to the quality of the light that you are getting. A good quality light will be made out of thick glass (shade's glass should be at least 9mm), so when you accidentally hit it with the cue, the glass won't shatter all over the table's expensive felt material.

The Best Pool Table Light Fixtures in 2022

Budweiser Billiard Table Light

This premium lightening fixture is very popular among billiard aficionados. The officially licensed Budweiser logo is visible on both sides of the three shades. The polyresin shades are accented by brass polished hardware and 2 hanging chains. The recommended bulb wattage is 60W each and the light fixture comes with a 4 1/2 feet cord with three prong plug. Mounting hardware and instructions are included; as always a licensed electrician is recommended for the installation.

Features Include:
  • Official Budweiser logo on both sides
  • Polyresin shades
  • On and Off switch
  • Recommended light bulb: 3 x 60W, UL listed
  • 3.3. Stars on Amazon
  • 3 Customer Reviews
  • 34% Of Customer Rate it 5 Stars
Bud Light Billiard Light review

This is a great looking hanging pool table light with an officially licensed Bud Light logo art on each side of the shades. The beautifully finished chrome hardware will look great in contemporary spaces. The 60" lamp's length is perfect for most 7-8ft home pool tables and the light is secured by two chains that measure 53.5" each.  Furthermore, there is a simple on/off switch on a 4 1/2 ft power cord. What's not to like about it?

Features Include:
  • Chrome finished hardware
  • Official Bud Light Logo on each shade
  • On/Off switch on power cord
  • Recommended light bulbs: 3 x 60 Watt, UL listed
  • 3.5 Stars on Amazon
  • 2 Customer Reviews
  • 50% Of Customers Rate It 4 Stars
Industrial Vintage Retro Linear Chandelier - LITFAD 35'' Wide Edison Metal Hanging Ceiling Light

This retro designed billiard lamp is perfect for those of you going for a vintage look in your game room or over your pool table. The chain that comes with the lamp is adjustable, so you can easily find the right height over a table. The light bulbs are not included, but you do have an option of using LED, CFL or Incandescent bulbs. Make sure to use bulb base E26/E27. This lamp is best for 7 ft. and 8 ft. tables and is eligible for prime shipping.

Industrial Vintage Retro Linear Chandelier - Edison Metal Hanging Ceiling Light dimensions
Features Include:
  • Retro Industrial Design
  • Can Be Hardwired (Adaptor Not Included)
  • 4.3 Stars on Amazon
  • 38 Customer Reviews
  • 71% Of Customers Rate It 5 Stars
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
Elk 66145-3 Chadwick 3-Light Billiard Light review

For a truly classic look for your game room this Antique Copper 3 light billiard lamp is a great choice; if a little pricey. The fit and finish of this light are high quality and it adds a presence of class to any room that it is added to. The shades are made of Frosted Glass and does a great job of spreading the light evenly. The lamp is ideal for 7 ft. and 8 ft. pool tables; it is not eligible for prime shipping however the shipping is included in the price.

Features Include:
RAM Gameroom Products 44-Inch Billiard Table Light review

This is a traditional billiards table light with stainded glass design. For those of you who want to keep it traditional this is your best bet. The Knockdown frame consists of 3 light bulbs; this billard light can only be hard wired and as always we recommend have a liscensed electrician do the installation.

Features Include:
Black Pool Table Light

This pool table light comes in a variety of color options and is a great addition to any game or family room. Sturdy construction and quality materials make this a billiard light that will last for many years. This light is recommended for 7 or 8 foot pool tables. Mounting hardware and instructions are included; as always a licensed electrician is recommended for the installation.

Black Metal Ball Design Pool Table Light Billiard Light_2 review
Features Include:
  • Glass Shade Color Choices of: Red, Black, Green Metal, or White Glass
  • Multi-colored design
  • Can Be Hardwired (Adaptor Not Included)
  • Recommended light bulbs: 3 x 60 Watt, UL listed
  • 4.5 Stars on Amazon
  • 82 Customer Reviews
  • 76% Of Customers Rate It 5 Stars

If you have bought or used these pool table lamps please feel free to leave a comment with your experience below to help others who may have questions.