Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor lights come in both incandescent and LED varieties. There are also several different styles that you can choose from. Here you can find our reviews of the best outdoor lighting and quickly find the best fixture for your needs and budget.

Types of outdoor lights include:


These lights only focus light in one direction in a fairly narrow beam, you can typically adjust the direction of these lights making them very functional and versatile.

Flood lights

These are used to light large areas such as driveways for backyards. They can also be used for home security when active by motion

Up/Down Lights

They lights are used to bring attention to areas of your landscaping or to light walkways

Step Lighting

As the name suggests these lights are used to illuminate steps on your patio, pool area of garden if there are steps

Garden Lights

These lights direct light downward and outward illuminating the plants and foliage underneath them and can add a great touch to your outdoor garden

Bollard Lights

These lights are mounted on the top of a post and shine light in an omnidirectional pattern, often times used for walkways or sidewalks

String Lights

String lights are hung from trees or landscapes and provide a subtle ambiance to outdoor gardens and patios.