July 23

Budweiser Stained Glass 40 Inch Pool Table Light

Specialty Lighting


Budweiser 40 Inch Pool Table Light

​This is a new handcrafted Budweiser 40-inch Pool light. Classy look and a large Budweiser logo on each side of this lamp will make it a great center piece in your game room, kitchen or bar area. The quality is very good, and the light is made of stained glass. 

Install the 3 light bulbs (up to 60Watts each), and this stained glass lamp will illuminate your pool table while you enjoy the game.  There is no need to shop for chain, since a 3ft mounting change and all the mounting hardware is included. Make sure to read instructions on this page​ to find out the optimal pool table light height.

As this is a new addition there are no reviews yet however they will be coming in fast and furiously once more Budweiser fans find out about this pool table light. If you have purchased this pool table light please leave your brief review down below to help others decide if this is the pool table light for them.

Features Include: