How to Install a Pool Table Light and Things to Consider

So you finally got the pool table you have always wanted and it is sitting nicely in the middle of your game room; but before your have your first party you realize that you need a pool table light. After searching the internet and amazon you have located your perfect pool table light!

Now comes the installation of your pool table light which can pose challenges depending on several things.

Why Do You Need Pool Table Lighting?

Many people think that all they need for their game room is the pool table itself as their game room with their pool table already has plenty of lights. That would be a mistake since every game room with a pool table needs a proper pool table light.  A properly selected and installed pool table light will provide:

  • uniform lighting across the pool table
  • will not create many shadows and
  • will not blind a player

At the end of the day you have invested a lot of money in a quality pool table so there is no reason to cut corners on the pool table lighting.

comparison table of billiard lights
Some people also mistakenly feel that their pool table light should light up the whole room which it should not. You should add additional illumination in your game room aside from your pool table light.

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Single Shade vs Multi Shade

The hundreds of different styles of pool table lights but most of them can be categorized into two main categories 

  • Single Shade
  • Multi Shade

A single shade  is typically more traditional and are usually made of stained glass. You may find hundred of different Tiffany styled lamps for sale, but our favorite one is displayed below. These lamps tend to be a little heavier so make sure your ceiling will provide proper support.

Multi shade lights are more contemporary, and typically less expensive than the stained glass Tiffany styled lamps.

Do I need a billiard light with 3, 4 or 5 lights?

First, you should consider the size of your pool table. If it is a smaller or standard size pool table, then you will be fine getting a light with 3-4 lights. If you have a snooker table, we recommend going for a longer single shade or lamp with 4+ lights to make sure you get proper light coverage. See table below:

3.5’ x 7’ pool table35” to 55” length / 3 lights
4’ x 8’ pool table40” to 60” length / 3 to 4 lights
4.5’ x 9’ pool table50” to 70” length / 3 to 4 lights
5’ x 10’ snooker table60” to 80” length / 4 to 5 lights
6’ x 12’ snooker table90” to 110” length / 5 lights

What's the optimal pool table light height?

Once you choose the correct pool table light based on your table size, you need to properly install it and most importantly hang it at the right height. Why is that important? Hang the light too low, and you will be hitting the lights with your head or your pool cue. Hand the light to high, and the direct light will be blinding you.  So what is the correct height to hang a pool table light? 

As a rule of thumb, the bottom of the canopy should be at your nose level.​ The average height from the floor to pool table light should be between 60 and 63 inches. The average height form the table cloth to the light should be between 32 and 38 inches.

I want to add that it is for an average person. That's the easy answer and can be your general guideline. 

pool table light height

What light bulbs should I get for my pool table light?

It is also important to note the wattage of your pool table lights, so make sure to read the included manual. The wattage can range from 40 to 150 watts per bulb, and you can also use LED bulbs. Consider your room condition when choosing the wattage as well as the style of the lamp that you are choosing. As a general rule, get the brightest light bulb possible (make sure to hang it at the right height so it is not blinding you).

Don’t Forget Snooker Tables Require Different Lighting:

Lets not forget pools close cousin Snooker; while similar in many respects the lighting and height for properly illuminating snooker tables are different than traditional pool tables.  We would recommend a longer rail lights with 5+ light bulbs in them to provide enough coverage. 

The Final Step, Pool Table Light Installation!

Now that you have decided on the proper height for your pool table light the time has come for the installation. We always recommend having a licensed electrician do the installation unless you are knowledgeable and comfortable with installing the pool table light yourself. This step is not one that you should try to wing as faulty wiring and/or poor mounting can have major consequences from home fire’s to damaged furniture. Don’t skimp on this important final step!

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